CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS 2018     1x F-16 (D); 1x C-130 (S) 6x PC-9M (D) 1x F-16 (D) 1x F-18 (D) 1x Rafale (D) 1x EF Typhoon (S); 1x P-3C (S); 1x Sea King (S); 1x Sea Lynx (S); 1x EC-135 (S); 1x Bell 206 (S) 1x JAS-39 (D) 1x AS365 (S); 1x C-27 (S); 2x L-39 (S)  1x DA-20 (S); 1x P-3C (S) 1x F-16 (D); 6x TS-11 (D); 1x F-16 (S)  1x C-27 (S); 1x MiG-29 (D); 1x UH-60 (S)  1x EF Typhoon (D) 1x SK 35 Draken (D); 1x AJS37 Viggen (D); 1x J32 Lansen (D); 1x Saab 105 (Supp)   


We published display recordings, let's watch

07.12.2018, 08:41

Traditionally at the end of the season, we bring you recordings from the large screen so you can remind yourself some of the displays of the 18th NATO Days in Ostrava & 9th Czech Air Force Days. In addition, you can also watch an archive of chats with pilots, thanks to Bookstore, which streamed them live over its Facebook page. 

NATO Days also serve to present technological innovations and close contracts

26.09.2018, 17:20

NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days are not only the biggest public security show in Europe, but also a great opportunity for private companies to present their new products and meet with their business partners.

Join our traditional photo contest and win event's souvenirs

19.09.2018, 10:42

Did you visit this year’s NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days and take some wonderful pictures? Send us the best of them and you can win event’s souvenirs.

In total of 220,000 visitors came to the weekend programme of NATO Days 2018

16.09.2018, 17:44

This year's XVIII. NATO Days in Ostrava & IX. Czech Air Force Days taking place at Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport and dedicated to commemorating of the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia, has confirmed its position being the biggest security show in Europe. The Sunday part of the weekend programme was seen by 125,000 visitors, which, including Saturday, represents a total of 220,000 spectators.

Sky over Mošnov Airport got covered with poppies

15.09.2018, 19:15

A unique historical flypast of 16 different types of aircraft and helicopters accompanied by tones of Smetana's Vltava represented an introduction to the XVIII. NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days and envisaged the programme dedicated to the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia and its armed forces. First day of this extraordinary weekend show taking place at Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport welcomed 95,000 visitors.

Weather complicated preparations, the 100th anniversary celebrations will not be affected though

14.09.2018, 18:52

Only few hours are left to next NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days which will both commemorate the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia and emphasize the long-term cooperation with the United States which took over the role of Special Partner Nation this year. Although the venue got hit by rain, according to forecast, weather will not affect the weekend programme and visitors can look forward to unfogettable experience, which will be enriched by various foreign premieres. 

Pair of foreign main battle tanks, M1 Abrams and Leopard 2, for the first time at NATO Days

13.09.2018, 19:28

Presentation of foreign ground forces equipment has already become an integral part of NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days, however, for the first time in history of the event there will be main battle tanks of two foreign participants. Whereas the US M1A2 Abrams will be seen at the static display, the German Leopard 2 will also take part in a dynamic display. 

M2 Bradley will take part in a dynamic display, Dutch KDC-10 cannot attend

12.09.2018, 17:57

The U.S. Army in Europe has prepared a unique dynamic display of its M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle for this year's NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days. On the contrary, already confirmed Dutch KDC-10 tanker and German P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft cannot attend the show due to operational requirements. 

IMPORTANT: Security measures information before coming to the event

11.09.2018, 18:24

Based on our experience from NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days in previous years, we would again like to inform you about security measures, which you should be aware of before you come to the venue of our show.

U.S. company Bell Helicopter will once again attend NATO Days

11.09.2018, 14:18

Bell Helicopter will also be present at NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days where visitors will have the opportunity to see and ,,feel’’ the fully functional version of the multipurpose helicopters Bell UH-1Y ‘Venom and Bell 505 Jet Ranger X for the first time in the Czech Republic.

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